Unfortunately it has got to the stage where I (Jade) have decided to leave the roleplay. You have all been incredible and I love you all so much, I’ve met some amazing people on here and I’ll never forget any of you. There’s many reasons why I have decided to leave but please don’t think it’s any of your faults, because I can promise you it’s not. We’ve built this RP up when it was torn down to nothing and I’m so proud of all of you, and you’ll do just fine without me. 

If you wish to contact me; 

skype; dashing—cody

I will be on there almost all the time so that’s where you need to contact me if you so wish. Roleplaying with you all has been incredible and I hope that the RP continues to grow once more in the future and become great like it once was. This isn’t saying I won’t ever return because I hope that one day I will, and I’ll RP with you all again. I hand the roleplay over to Sarah and Nici, the remaining admins.

But that time isn’t now and on that note, please unfollow Cody Rhodes;

Persuasiveness || Seth & Cody


Cody was shaking and he could feel the hot breath against the palm of his hand, glad that he chose to cover Cody’s mouth. Yet, he was close enough to hear the muffled moans, following this completely new instinct and thrusted further into the narrow space between his boyfriend’s legs. His head still resting against the other’s back, Seth faught against the moans that wanted to break through his mauled lips, but for now he was victorious. This new feeling, the incredible sensation of power he felt over someone else, someone he cared so much for; it was breathtaking.

At first, Seth didn’t realize what happened. Cody buckled forward, tightening his legs even more, and Seth felt something warm run down the fingers he had still wrapped around Cody’s throbbing cock. It took him sometime to realize what was wettening his fingers, and what had caused Cody to almost scream against his hand. Amazed, his hands trailed down Cody’s chin, resting loosely around his thorat as it didn’t cover the other’s mouth anymore. One of Cody’s hands joined his cum smeared one, the other one tightly squeezing his ass, increasing the eagerness inside Seth to follow Cody’s breathlessly uttered command. Almost desperately he rocked his hips forward, thrusting into the friction, but he couldn’t last any longer. The teeth on his ear, the hand on his ass, the feeling of Cody’s cum dripping from his fingers… Whimpering through clenched teeth, Seth came in between Cody’s legs, pressing his body against the other’s as he wanted to feel him closer, so much closer.
Panting, he sunk against Cody, finally releasing his cracked lips, breathing heavily against the others neck. “I… I have a tissue in my back pocket”, he helplessly informed Cody, his body shaking from the slight laughter he couldn’t surpress given the awkwardness of his words.

Laughing lightly, Cody turned around, arms linking around Seth’s neck as he pulled him close, resting against him as he breathed against Seth’s ear. He stayed like that for a little while, his heartbeat thudding rapidly, the sound echoing around his ear and almost believing Seth could hear it, too. Eventually Cody pulled away, bringing his hand up to his lips and sucking on the digits, lapping up the liquid before working on Seth’s air, his tongue swirling around his fingers as he locked eyes with Seth. His hand trailed down as Cody looked between his legs, his fingers catching all the cum Seth had decorated his legs with, coating his fingers and hand with it before once again bringing his hand to his lips, first sucking his thumb and once again looking at Seth, his tongue working on the younger mans digits. Leaning forward Cody kissed Seth’s forehead, before reaching behind him and slipping his hand into Seth’s back pocket, pulling out the said tissue. He leaned down and simply wiped the skin on his thighs and collected the cum he hadn’t been able to reach, pulling up his pants and jeans before shakily walking over to the bin in the park, dropping the tissue in the waste can. Turning to Seth Cody gently kissed him once more, smiling softly. 

He hugged him close again as his mind wandered, biting his lip as he licked it shortly afterwards, hiding his face in Seth’s neck. “You’re amazing,” he mumbled, gently kissing the smooth skin there before pulling back, one hand cupping Seth’s cheek.

Persuasiveness || Seth & Cody


Panting, Seth smirked, his head tilting backwards as he kept rubbing his dick against Cody’s ass. He had to bite down his moans. It may be dark, but if they’d be too loud someone could spot them nevertheless. Knowing that he could very well bite down his moans and screams, even thoug hit surely would cause the sensitive skin on his lips tp crack open, he wanted to make sure that Cody wouldn’t attract any unwanted attention to the two of them. Pressing his body against Cody’s, his free hand reached out for Cody’s head, carefully tilting it backwards again while his other kept stroking Cody in sync with his bucking hips. Unable to utter a single word, knowing that the moans would break free, he leaned in even closer, covering Cody’s mouth with his hand, softly placing a kiss on Cody’s temple. He hoped that his gentle actions would show Cody that he didn’t mean any harm, that he just wanted to prevent them to get caught. Because, getting caught would mean trouble, but even more awful: it would mean that they had to stop! And Seth didn’t want to stop, not just now!

He felt the first drop of blood running down his skin, getting caught by the short hair of his beard, as he pushed his hips forward, his cock sliding between Cody’s legs, causing some kind of friction that almost made him gasp in surprise. For a moment, he let go of Cody’s cock, using his hand to coax the other to press his legs together, increasing the narrowness between Cody’s legs. He couldn’t fuck Cody right now, but this was close. At least that’s what he thought to himself, being not experienced at all ith this topic. Hell, he hadn’t even slept with a girl in his days, and this was as close to penetrating someone as he was never before. Completely driven by pleasure, he started thrusting, some more blood running down his chin as he concentrated on this wonderful new feeling. His hand was back at Cody’s cock, stroking it in the same rhythem as he moved his hips. Oh how much he wanted to kiss Cody right now, with all passion and affection he could raise to show Cody how much he loved this. But he didn’t trust his voice. Arching his back, he rested his head on Cody’s shoulder, still tilting the other’s head back with the hand covering Cody’s mouth. This was almost too much for him, and he knew that he wouldn’t last that much longer, accelerating the movement on Cody’s dick.

Pausing, slightly with fear - something Cody certainly didn’t appreciate feeling from Seth, he hated it and he never wanted to feel that again. Seth was spreading his legs, he could feel Seth pressing against his ass as he released a breath he hadn’t known he was holding, nervously biting his lip once more. Then, as Seth pushed his cock in between the space of Cody’s legs, Cody moaned rather loudly; only seconds later Seth’s hand coming up to cover his mouth. Cody’s eyes opened as he felt the hand on his face but he wasn’t afraid like before - he trusted Seth, more than anything, he wouldn’t hurt him. His eyes fluttered closed once more and he rested his head on Seth’s shoulder, feeling Seth’s hand snake up to grab his own neglected member, causing Cody to whimper in both surprise and pleasure. This… Fuck, this was amazing. It wasn’t even full blown sex and yet it made Cody realise how much he’d missed being a bottom, being the submissive, and now that Seth was taking control… Heck, he could get used to this. Cody moaned against Seth’s hand as he thrusted into Seth’s hand, he felt that familiar feeling in his stomach as he legs began to shake, hands joining soon after. Not being able to give Seth much warning Cody came all over his stomach and Seth’s hand; the feeling of Seth thrusting behind him becoming too much for him to cope with, a loud moan escaping muffled by Seth’s hand, his boyfriend’s name on his lips as he shook, heavy breathing still coming from him as he turned his head so he could talk to Seth, whispering in his ear. “Come for me, Princess,” he whispered, gently biting Seth’s ear as his hand joined Seth’s; Cody’s come coating both of their hands as his other one grabbed Seth’s ass, willing him to do as asked. 



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